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Antoloxía Biosbarda

My contribution to an animal welfare organization book. See more

Dancing in the dark

Darkness is the ally of dancers. See more


Tourism can create funny situations. See more


Different ways of feeling solitude. See more


Fictitious awareness campaign about defending biodiversity, whose biggest threats are brought together under the acronym HIPPO (Habitat loss, Invasive species, Pollution, human Population, and Overharvesting). See more


Illustrations inspired by the medieval Galician-Portuguese poetry. See more


Contributions for different issues of Gehitu Magazine. See more


Illustrations for poster competitions. See more


The force of the sea and its tragedies. See more

The Ruins of Lisbon

In parallel to my work as an illustrator, I wrote and drew a comic, “As Ruínas de Lisboa” (The Ruins of Lisbon), published in Galician by Aira Editorial.
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