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Illustrations for “Cocotibur“, a book for teens published by Edicións Xerais de Galicia.

The mysterious disappearance of three girls in a Galician coastal village and their intense and difficult search are the common thread of this fantasy story that draws directly from the legends of oral tradition. Imagination, myths, magic and popular customs are present in the development of the unfortunate events that are narrated and whose main setting is the historic San Simón cove.

The village of Redondela is shocked by the disappearance of some girls.
Xan leads the search for the missing.
They arrive in Cangas to look for clues about the strange events.

An old sailor tells how the girls were swallowed by the sea.
A sea monster attacks the boat on their way back to Redondela.
The missing girls.
The forging of seven swords begins.
Mariña receives an unexpected visitor after bathing in the Reboreda waterfall.
They find Cocotibur.
Seven sword-wielding sailors corner Cocotibur.
They look into each other’s eyes before the end comes.
The carcass of Cocotibur is carried in a procession through the village amid music and dances.

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